Diglas business solutions


Diglas Finances

The Diglas Finances business solution includes:


Diglas Finances is intended for the overall monitoring of financial transactions of an enterprise. All the functions within the financial module are adapted to legal standards and, depending on changes, are regularly updated. The data once entered (or transferred from other modules) are automatically distributed in corresponding records – general ledger, balance sheets, account sheets, etc.

Diglas Finances enables enterprises precise record-keeping in real time and a detailed overview of required information on financial transactions. Most of the data is automatically recorded from other Diglas system modules which provides for the full integrity of the system. Apart from monitoring the status on bookkeeping accounts the monitoring of additional analytics is also possible. The adding of analytics broadens of scope of data entering as well as the quality and transparency of business information. Along with the account it is possible to effectuate monitoring on the basis of 20 additional analytics. As many analytics are introduced as are required for fulfilling the need to monitor information in a specific enterprise. In the course of implementation the bookkeeping scheme system and types of documents are defined separately for each user according to the needs of its business operations and as such become the standard and automatized business process. Through integration with outer systems (for ex. e-banking) we enable the automatic exchange of data with other systems (for ex. uploading HRK and foreign exchange statements, generation of money orders, creation of total databases) avoiding in this way the manual entering and verification of data validity as the entire process is implemented automatically.

Diglas Finances contains all the reports prescribed by law but also many other analytical and synthetic reports which provide all necessary information vital for business transactions. The module also enables collective reports at the levels of a number of enterprises which do business as one organized whole which is often used in analyses of some business partners in all the enterprises of a chain, cumulative balances, etc.

Diglas Finances is an important source of information on the business transactions of an enterprise. It enables the user to obtain updated and quality data required for bringing timely business decisions according to dimensions (analytical and sub-analytical) specific for the business operations of individual enterprises. Such a position gives this module exceptional significance and requires special attention in the course of preparing monitoring data.


Diglas Logistics

The Diglas Logistics business solution includes:


Diglas Logistics is an integral solution for supporting processes of sale, procurement, storage and transport. The scope and manner of using each of the modules as well as their individual functionalities are adapted by parameterization of the system to business processes and needs of the users. The integrability of Diglas guarantees the availability of information and data on implemented business transactions at any location in real time including their financial effects in the Diglas Finances module. In this way Diglas Logistics ensures high quality monitoring of the implementation process according to set parameters (enterprise, business unit, employee. trademark, product) through modules Diglas BI Business Reporting and Controlling.

The Diglas Procurement module provides for the systematic management of procurement processes, from compiling internal procurement needs, optimization of supplier orders according to defined criteria, placement of orders to suppliers and monitoring supplier deliveries. Through the approval strategy the user can define criteria, responsible individuals and documents that need to be approved in the procurement process. In addition, Diglas Procurement also supports the systematic monitoring and maintenance of agreed upon conditions of cooperation with the suppliers.

Diglas Warehouse Operations enables the systematic management of storage and transport processes from the delivery of products to the warehouse, internal inter-warehouse transport, to the organization of deliveries and transport to the end buyer. The processes of organizing deliveries and transport have been developed in a way to enable support to even the most complex delivery systems on a large number of locations in line with the needs of distributors. Diglas Warehouse Operations provides for instant access to available warehouse stocks at the level of the warehouse or enterprise in real time regardless of the number of locations or inventory taking.

Diglas Sales provides for the systematic management of sale processes, from defining the sales policy, submitting offers to buyers, issuing and monitoring the implementation of buyers’ orders to monitoring the realization of sales. By defining its sales policy the user can define the price list, sales and payment conditions including the delivery conditions of each buyer individually, groups of buyers or all its buyers. With a view to continually developing and improving relations with buyers the monitoring of special conditions (bonuses) approved to buyers on the basis of achieved sales results is also possible. The openness of Diglas for integration with other systems enables the expedient and effective connection with various applications used as support to sales processes (HHT, EDI, Sales pod).

Diglas Retail Trade provides for the systematic management of retail trade processes from the defining of retail trade policy, direct sales to retail and wholesale buyers, and provision of offers or receipts to buyers. By defining the retail sales policy the user can define price lists by sale outlets, discounts, sale conditions, payments and deliveries for large buyers. Diglas Retail Trade functions exclusively through the on line method of work, is in direct contact other Diglas modules which enables the use of the functionalities of other Diglas modules in retail trade processes. In this way Diglas Retail Trade enables the independent and integral management of all processes required for the work of retail trade stores.


Diglas Automotive

The Diglas Automotive business solution includes:

Auto industrija

Diglas Automotive is an integral solution for supporting vehicle import, sales and workshop processes and reporting to the importer and/or principal. The central item in every business process is the vehicle while the integrability and scalability of Diglas ensure direct connection with all other Diglas modules and full compliance with business processes of the users through parameterization.

IMS (Importer Management System) is a module intended for vehicle importers. Diglas IMS sully supports all the importer’s business processes from defining the sales program (brand, model and types of vehicles), ordering of vehicles and spare parts, monitoring vehicles during production, import, storage, wholesale and distribution through dealer networks. In addition, Diglas IMS provides the monitoring of sale results to the dealer at the level of the sales network and reporting to the principal and competent regulatory bodies in accordance with the law.

Diglas DMS (Dealer Management System) provides for the systematic management of business processes of vehicle dealers, from receiving the vehicles and spare parts from the importer, sale of vehicles and spare parts to end buyers and servicing of vehicles. In addition to communication with and reporting to the importer, Diglas DMS also provides dealers with the possibility of monitoring their own business transactions and reporting to competent regulators in line with legal regulations.

Diglas Car Park is a module intended for managing the car park of an enterprise and can be used as an independent module or as part of Diglas ERP. Diglas Car Park is the central register of vehicles at the disposal of the enterprise and enables the monitoring of vehicles and costs linked to their use, maintenance and reporting on the vehicles from the car park. In addition, Diglas Car Park can also be used as support for renting of vehicles from the car park to end buyers.

Diglas Workshop provides for the systematic management of work processes in vehicle repair, from repair planning, receiving and repairing the vehicle, monitoring the implementation of repair services. In addition to monitoring the vehicle as the object of repair the module enables the processing of warranty requirements and offering of tire hotel services to end buyers. Diglas Workshop also enables the keeping of records on the work of the employees in the workshop and monitoring their effectiveness. The module is applicable for enterprises offering workshop services to end buyers as well as enterprises that wish to manage workshop services of their own vehicles in an effective manner.


Diglas Manufacturing

The Diglas Manufacturing business solution includes:


Diglas Manufacturing is an integral solution for monitoring production and quality control processes and is intended for all manufacturing enterprises regardless of industrial branch. The integrability of Diglas will ensure full connectedness with other segments of business operations, such as procurement, storage, sales and finances and in this way creates preconditions for optimizing the business process and results of the enterprise. Depending on the needs of the user the Manufacturing and Quality Control module can be used separately, independently of one another with the obligatory use of Diglas Warehouse Operations.

Diglas Manufacturing was developed on the principles of the MRP II (Manufacturing Resources Planning) methodology for planning the resources of manufacturing enterprises. It enables the monitoring of manufacturing processes from production and procurement planning, launching and monitoring the implementation of work orders to their final statement of accounts. Diglas Manufacturing implies the definition of multi-level production components, product technology and work places and enables the fast and efficient calculation of the costing price of the products by combining different components and technologies. The scheduling of operations within work places provides for the simple management of production capacities particularly in cases of peak periods In addition the module contains functionalities for web postings of the employees’ utilized working time as well as preconditions for the development of integrative interfaces with applications that manage the operation of machines in manufacturing.

Diglas Quality Control systematically manages the activities of product quality control in all segments of business operations from the delivery of procured components from suppliers to delivery of half products or ready products to warehouses as well as ready products to buyers. The module enables the definition of parameters, specifications and quality control procedures, monitoring of quality records in specific time frames and monitoring of product movement and records on quality according to control numbers. Diglas Quality Control creates preconditions for the timely recognition of “non-quality” and the reliable delivery of desired quality products to end buyers.


Diglas BI

The Diglas Business Intelligence business solution includes.

Diglas Business Intelligence is an integrated methodology and technological solution which enables use of data from the Data Warehouse and their transformation into information necessary for bringing business decisions.

In the context of the Diglas business system the term “business intelligence” implies the technological solution for compiling and analysing data and distribution of information (in the form of reports or interactive interfaces) so that users can bring business decision on the basis of timely and appropriate information and maintain and fortify their market competitiveness.

Regardless of the department in question, the data analysis always provides the possibility of optimizing business processes, identifying critical points and control in the implementation/assessment of the effectiveness of the process.

Diglas BI stores information and knowledge on the buyers, suppliers, processes and enables business negotiations and numerical argumentation vis-à-vis buyers and suppliers, quality operational planning, observation of specific market segments and prediction of future trends. In addition, it provides for the better understanding of one’s own buyers and insight into what motivates them to act in a specific manner.

Diglas BI is a simple and intuitive tool that enables users the autonomous preparation of dynamic reports in line with business requirements. The tool provides for the complete personalization of the reporting system by storing the definitions of specific reports traditionally used in the enterprise as well as the drawing up of ad-hoc reports for special purposes. Access rights define the possibility of drawing up, namely, using reports by one or more Diglas users. The reporting system is based on complex data tables which are supplemented by a combination of data from transactional tables, data entered in other Diglas modules, namely, master data tables and report definitions. As a rule, the tables are loaded in the course of automatic night procedures. This method of work provides for the possibility of preparing reports and comparing data without the impact of daily transactions on the reporting results. As a result the reporting system may show the results in table form, PIVOT data display and CHART data display. It is possible to store each of the created displays as the display definition for future use. The stored displays can be mutually shared by users. The export of data is supported in a number of electronic formats PDF, XLSX, HTML, RTF.


Diglas WMS

Diglas WMS (Warehouse Management System) is an automatic system of warehouse management. The system enables the precise management of all storage processes, warehouse employee tasks, position of goods in the warehouse and availability of warehouse stocks. Diglas WMS is composed of an autonomous application on hand terminals which executes and processes transactions on-line in the existing base and Diglas Waterhouse Operations which provides for a systematic overview of documents, business transactions, supplies and reports on warehouse operations. With the introduction of the WMS system the user will have greater precision of data on stocks, lower labor costs and more satisfied buyers due to increased quality and faster delivery.


Diglas HR

The Diglas HR business solution includes:

Diglas Salaries provides for salary accounting, record keeping and salary increments as well as other non-taxable income, records on and accounting of loans and other income (temporary service contracts, authorial fees). The module also supports the drawing up of the sum totals of payment orders for payment on the Internet, integral payment specifications on employee accounts for all banks, drawing up of JOPPD forms and calculation of tax at year’s end.

Diglas Personnel Records enables the keeping of all necessary records on employees (professional qualifications, education and other competences), use of vacation days and work hour records.

In addition, Diglas Salaries and Diglas Personnel Records provides for the drawing up of all required reports for competent regulatory bodies in line with legal provisions.


Other Diglas Solutions

Other Diglas business solutions include:

Diglas CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a platform for the development of user adjustable solutions that will contribute to the realization of its CRM strategy. Highly flexible and expandable functionalities are formed and adapted to the needs of the user through the implementation project. Diglas CRM can be used as part of Diglas ERP or as an independent module for customer relationship management. The module enables the storing of comprehensive information on buyers, locations, contact persons and contacts (activities related to buyers) and independent defining of attributes by which relationship with buyers are monitored and maintained. In this way Diglas CRM users create, autonomously and on the basis of their own criteria, a complete picture of the buyer and communicate with him accordingly which undoubtedly enhances the effectiveness of communication and increases the satisfaction of buyers.
If Diglas CRM is used within the integral Diglas ERP solution, owing to the integrality of Diglas, the use of all additional CRM attributes in other Diglas modules is ensured which can significantly broaden the possibilities of reporting through BI Business Reporting.

Diglas Mobile is a service enabling quick and simple accessing of information linked to statements of accounts, debts and receivables as well as current day transfers by mobile devices. The service is intended for all users of Diglas ERP authorized for viewing confidential cumulative data at the enterprise level. The Diglas Mobile application is secured with a number of protection tiers one of which is encrypted communication between the user and web server (https protocol) as well as certificates for accessing the application itself.

The Diglas B2B module is intended for the mutual communication between contractual partners, namely, the exchange of information and documents between two independent legal entities. The scope of communication of the contractual partners through this module in the course of implementation is adjusted to the agreed scope of data exchange and can include commodity material and financial documents. In addition, in order to use the module it is necessary to ensure adequate technical preconditions including secure access to a web server and base server.

Diglas has a number of additional specific modules developed according to the needs of the user and at the request of the user it can add any missing functionality required by the user.


Diglas Basics

The business solution Diglas Basics contains modules which support the operation of any other module or Diglas business whole:

The Diglas Acess and Protection Administration solution enables the management of application users and their access rights. The user rights of the Diglas business system are defined on two levels, application and business rights, while the management of user rights is possible for individual users or group of users.

Diglas Shared Data enables the management of the organizational structure of individual entities of the Diglas business system and master data used in all other Diglas modules which are required for defining an organization, the territorial organization, products, partners and Diglas parameters. In this way the integrity and maintenance of data used by all other Diglas modules is ensured.