Diglas ERP description

Microlab Offers Integral Business Solutions through Diglas ERP

DIGLAS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), an integral business-information system is a business, operational and management solution designed for use in dynamic and growing business environments.

Diglas also includes industry-specific functions and best business practices based on microlab‘s longstanding business experience and the experience of its clients which positions it among the most competent, scalable and most effective solutions for the integral management of enterprises on the basis of a flexible and open technological platform.

The support of the information system to the overall business operations of an organization is considered one of the basic preconditions of successful business transactions. Diglas services all segments and functions of an organization satisfying at the same time the information requirements of the organization on the whole. In addition, as a software architecture based on a common database and user network interface, it provides the uninterrupted flow of information between parts of the organization and enables an integral information overview of the business system. Based on modern age technologies, Diglas offers simplicity of use and robustness which are suitable for complex business systems.

In addition, it provides integral support not only to regular business operations but also to management, decision-making, communication and cooperation through which Diglas ERP completely satisfies the criteria of a contemporary ERP system (ERM and ERPH) focused on regulating all internal processes – including management, decision making and communication as well as integration of processes with the environment – connecting with business partners with a view to achieving efficiency in the entire value added chain, from suppliers to end buyers, namely, users.

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Diglas Characteristics

Solution Configuration

Solution configuration is characterized by the possibility of effective parameterization, adjustment and even expansion for the purpose of providing sophisticated use in the desired context which includes adjustment of appearance, method of use, namely, functionality on the process level without additional development.


The system can begin to be introduced very quickly and efficiently with the basic required functionality set. Every further expansion, regardless of whether it implies a ready solution or additional development can be made “in stride”, without interrupting business operations and regardless of the potential growth of volume or scale of operations.

Quality and Security

The Microsoft and Oracle technologies that are used during the development process ensure stability, robustness, simplicity of installation and expansion of the system. The core of the system is the powerful Oracle relational database. The system leans on the built-in procedures of the business process in order to eliminate to the utmost the risk of interruption or loss of data. Automatic protection procedures and systems ensure the integrity and security of all stored data at the highest level, achieving thereby a 100% reliable system.


All the processes supported by the Diglas system are connected into a unique whole with a central database. The integrated information system enables the registration of all business events and their effective use and analyses within the organization as a whole. Each business process, initiated in any part of the Diglas system is monitored from beginning to end.

Simplicity of Use

The intuitive interface is simple to use and expedites the training of employees and new users. The navigation is known since the interface is based on Microsoft Windows operational system standards.

Multilingual Use

The system supports working in several languages simultaneously and it is implemented at the request of the user which enables support and standardization on foreign markets.

Compatibility with Microsoft Office Products

The Diglas system is integrated with the most commonly used MS Office products. It is possible to transfer all the simply formatted data in any MS Office program for further analysis and printing.

Data Warehouse

For the purpose of conducting sophisticated multidimensional analyses we developed a “data warehouse.” Sophisticated technology enables instant analyses and presentation of an enormous volume of data in table and graphic forms. In this way the process of strategic business decision-making is quickened and simplified to the utmost.

Openness of the System

The possibility of connecting with other systems greatly facilitates everyday activities of the participants in the business processes in question. Integration enables the automatic taking over of data from other systems by way of automatically processing the entire system (ex. e-banking).

The solution can simply support all valid standards, such as for example, among others, global business communications in the financial and banking systems in line with the initiative of the Republic of Croatia (and according to EU recommendations) on establishing electronic markets and technology for inter-operational electronic business communication through the use of established standards for the purpose of providing support.

Comprehensive functionality

The vertical and horizontal integrability and breadth of business fields round-up the entire business process regardless of whether it pertains to production, trade or financial organizations. Any additional functionality is simply implemented through development or integration with other products and components owing to the open architecture of the system and modularity and flexibility of technologies.