Mission, vision and policy


“We create results”
Through our products and services our clients are ensured the generation and enhancement of business results and new values by focusing on their basic field of activity.


Through the development and promotion of our products and services we are creating a high quality product recognizable on the market that will ensure a leading role in the region.


Quality and Information Security Policy

Our business processes, products and services are based on principles of quality management and our main commitment and orientation is the satisfaction of our clients. Information security, i.e., ensuring confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of business information as well as the protection of information property are component parts of all our activities and business processes.

We are committed to satisfying the needs and requirements of our clients along with ensuring adequate information security and compliance with legal provisions, constantly upgrading the quality of our products, services and business processes, including the quality management and information security system on the whole.

We are focused on what is important for the development and enhancement of the Diglas business system and our other software products and services. We strive to be a partner who provides quality and information security to all our users.

Through our business activities we generate results based on confidence and mutual respect between our clients and employees. We create new values for users of our products and services as well as for our own employees.

In its business activities, microlab continually assesses quality and information security risks through risk management and undertakes measures for the control of such risks, and in line with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, enhances:

  • The quality of its own products and services,
  • The level of information security,
  • The quality of its relationship with its clients,
  • The quality of its relationship with its employees,
  • The effectiveness of its own business processes and those of its clients.
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