Services and technical requirements

Make your business operations more efficient, productive, profitable and competitive

Experienced professionals will lead you through all phases of the project system and through this process resolve all the segments of your business operations, from manufacturing to logistics and financing.

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  • Designing and implementing optimal IT solutions
  • IT consulting (analysis of business processes, IT infrastructure, etc.)
  • Integrations and data exchanges
  • Development of specialized program solutions
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Education

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  • IT consulting (analysis of business processes, IT infrastructure, etc.)
  • Designing and implementing optimal IT solutions
  • Selection of SW and HW components
  • Implementation of network infrastructure
  • Designing and installing servers and data storing systems

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  • Project introduction services
  • GAP analysis of business processes
  • System parameterization
  • Fine-tuning of the system
  • Training and continual support

Licensing of the Diglas Business System

The Diglas business system is licensed according to the licensee licence model (KL). Diglas KL is a contractual relationship between the user and microlab which provides for the right to the installation and unlimited use in terms of time and territory of the bought Diglas module package whereby one Diglas KL has to be obtained for every user of the business system (for each physical person authorized for its use).
Diglas KL also includes the right to use run-time licences of the Oracle base installed within the framework of the Diglas business system.

Implementation of Diglas ERP

The implementation methodology implies a project approach compliant with the standard project methodology and best practices for implementing the system used in microlab and adapted to the offered implementation process in question.
The Analysis Phase is the first and very important step in effectuating the project implementation in the course of which we collect appropriate information in order to define your actual needs.
microlab‘s consultants, together with experts from selected business processes will spend time with you and analyze in a structured and methodological way the specific business process needs of your enterprise in order to establish what the new system should contain and in which manner.
Given their long standing experience and expertise in specific business fields, they are in a position to recognize and recommend fields of effectiveness and optimization of the business process itself.

Integrations and Exchanges

Business operations in present times often require possibilities of integrating the ERP system with certain components that are not its constituent parts but are vitally important for the enterprise’s business.
Activities linked to integrations and exchanges are often considered highly demanding procedures in the IT industry since it is necessary to ensure interactions between systems regardless of the possible diversity in the represented data bases and formats, documents, languages, standards and protocols used by the systems.
Integration and exchange procedures therefore require comprehensive technological know-how, experience as well as active business knowledge of working with such systems.
microlab is capable of offering its users services of any integration and exchange of data of the implemented Diglas ERP system, regardless of whether it concerns connecting with exterior systems or a system which will become an integral part of support to the enterprise’s business operations or else independently, when interactions of the system in real time or short time intervals are required.

Diglas ERP Technical Requirements

Arhitektura DIGLAS sustava

Diglas ERP Architecture

Technical Specification of Equipment

Specifications for the base and application servers (one physical server of the given configuration is sufficient for both servers for up to 25 users):

  • Intel 6c procesor
  • RAM 32GB
  • HDD 300GB x 6 + HDD 600GB x 2 (SAS sa HW Raid-om)
  • Redundant power feed and ventilators
  • MS Win 2008 R2/2012 server (64 bit)

Radne stanice:

  • standard Intel PC with min. 2GB RAM (recommended 4GB)
  • Minimum 2c processor of newer generation (i3+)
  • Monitor with minimal resolution of 1280 x 1024
  • MS operation system (Windows 7/8)
  • MS Office min. 2007

Software Requirements

Data – Data tier/ Application– Business tier
Oracle 10g Standard Edition, Microsoft IIS 6.0 , IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, IIS 8.0
System software
MS Win2003/2008/2012 server
Client Diglas working station – Presentation tier
MS Office 2007/2010/2013
System software
MS Windows XP, MS Vista, MS Windows7, MS Windows8

In addition to the above configuration it is necessary to ensure continual energy feed and adequate production base backup.