Diglas HR




Diglas Salaries enables the monitoring of operations in the segment computation of salaries and reporting to regulatory bodies in line with the legal obligations of the enterprise.

Key functionalities:

  • Defining data on employees that are monitored and necessary for salary computation (categories of work places, required qualifications, work in shifts, tax reliefs, etc.)
  • Defining data required for salary computation (past work experience, types of income, etc.)
  • Defining data on contributions and taxes, possibility of autonomous parameterization in cases of changed regulations
  • Records on supplements and other non-taxable income
  • Autonomous defining of computation through the possibility of selecting a large number of formulas (on the basis of the contracted sum, value of points, coefficients for the work place, individual coefficients, work experience, etc.)
  • Salary computation
  • Computation of supplements and other non-taxable receivables, other income
  • Records and computation of HRK and foreign exchange loans and salary deductions
  • Preparation of a collective payment order for internet payments
  • Preparation of a unique payment specification according to employee accounts
  • Drawing up of JOPPD forms
  • Tax computation at year’s end
  • Preparing reports for competent regulatory bodies in line with legal provisions
Personnel Records

Personalna evidencija


Diglas Personnel Records enables the keeping of all required records on employees, use of vacation days and working hours.

Key Functionalities:

  • Defining of codebook for the needs of keeping employee records
  • Systematization of work places
  • Defining employee contracts
  • Defining data for record keeping of employees education levels and completed schools
  • Defining data for keeping records on employee family members (insured and uninsured)
  • Defining elements with the application of a large number of formulas for calculating vacation days the employees has a right to
  • Records on the plan and use of vacation days
  • Defining work categories for monitoring daily working hours records
  • Keeping daily records on the presence of employees either by entering or generating them
  • Transfer from daily working time records to the salary application for salary computation requirements
  • Reporting on fluctuations and other personnel changes
  • Reporting possibilities: annual statistical reports, employee records, general ledger
  • Possibility of generating attributes and keeping records according to them in case there is a need of recording and monitoring data which is otherwise impossible to enter or record.