Diglas WMS




Diglas WMS (Warehouse Management System) is an automatic warehouse management system. Diglas WMS consists of an autonomous application on hand terminals which implements and processes transactions on-line in the existing Diglas Warehouse Management base.

Key Functionalities:

  • Integration with the complete Diglas module
  • Possibility of integration with other ERP solutions
  • Warehouse organization by zones of activity that correspond to the topology of every warehouse in which the WMS of operation is implemented
    • Receipt of goods
    • Storing of goods
    • Commissioning and preparing deliveries
    • Organization of transport and expedition of goods to end-buyers
  • Defining rules on receiving and storing goods
  • Defining rules on moving goods within the warehouse
  • Defining rules on exempting goods from the warehouse
  • Defining hodograms for the purpose of optimizing routes when goods are exempted
  • Registering of all operations through terminal devices which are recorded in real time in the central database
  • Possibility of managing the sequence of processing documents by assigning tasks according to one of the following criteria
    • Time of delivery
    • Transportation time
    • Regional affiliation
    • Assortment of goods
  • Monitoring the execution of individual tasks and operation of tasks
  • Reviews of the status of processing individual documents
  • Review of the status of implemented tasks in time
  • Review of the warehouse status
  • Review of the status of life cycles of goods in the warehouse